Is Your Car Tint Job Good or Not?

Getting your car window tinted is a good investment. Driving around during summer could be frustrating especially if you have a low-quality tint. Then you decided to finally get one. But what if you got a bad tint job? This is super annoying especially if you spend money on a good tint. Can you spit a good and bad tint job? Yes of course, and we will tell you how. And if you do, next time, send your car to professionals of car window tinting Denver to get it fixed.


Good Tint: Has Small and Clean Edges

One of the ways you can tell if your car has a good quality tint when the lines on the window edge are clean and consistent. A good window tint company will use computerized templates that uses pre-cute films. This will result to a line that’s close to the window’s edge. A bad tint job has a significant gap, and it’s obvious and doesn’t look clean.

Good Tint: Not Always a Dark Shade

We have this misconception that once a tint is dark, it’s automatically high-quality and can block sunlight better than light colored ones. Even though it’s true that a darker tint has a great heat reduction, this is not always applicable. There are high-quality tints that are light colored but is more effective at heat reduction than the cheap dark ones. There are even dark metallic tints that can interfere with GPS, phone and radio reception.

Good Tint: Doesn’t Have Cutouts

A good tint doesn’t have cutouts too. There are installers who cut out some sections of the tint for your registration tickets so removing them in the future won’t damage the film. But this is unnecessary because it will create an unsightly line at the film’s edge. The stickers should be placed on a clean film.

Bad Tint: Turns Into Color Purple

Window tints are not created equal. There are films that are low-quality and fade quickly under the sun, and once the film ages it will have purple color. This is an obvious sign of a low-quality film/tint.

Bad Tint: Tiny Bubbles that Distort Your View

Another sign that you have a low-quality window tint is when there are tiny bubbles that distract you from seeing the view clearly. Even the smallest of the bubbles in the tint can cause distractions, so watch out for them. A good window tint company minimizes the appearance of bubbles. If you got a low-quality tint, expect to see bubbles around it after six months because the adhesive will begin to break down.

Bad Tint: Gaps and Bubbles Around the Defroster Bars

The window’s defroster is 3D just like the dot matrix. If you see excess gap where the tint is affixed to the window, that’s a red flag. The gap is a starting point for the bubbles to expand and form. A good tint or film should be tightly pressed against the defroster as much as possible.

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